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How long does it take for a transfer to reach my Plum account?
How long does it take for a transfer to reach my Plum account?
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Deposits are transferred from your bank to your Plum account using Direct Debit.

A new transfer is marked 'pending' until it is cleared by your bank and sent to us. This usually takes 4 working days but it might take up to 5–6 working days to complete your first deposit because your bank must approve our Direct Debit instruction.

Due to the way Direct Debits work, money will leave your bank account 2 working days before it reaches your Plum account. During this time the transfer will still be 'pending' even if the money has left your bank.

Here's how it works:

Deposits going to interest pockets take an extra one working day on top.

Don’t forget, you are also able to make manual transfers instantly 💪 If you visit your Primary Pocket tap ‘Deposit’ and hit the ‘Instant deposit’ option your money will be in your Primary Plum pockets in a few hours!

Where a delay occurs in transmitting an instruction due to factors outside of our control we will ensure that your instruction is executed as soon as reasonably possible. However, we will not otherwise be responsible for any delay.

In such circumstances you may contact Plum’s Terms & Conditions apply.

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