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How do I top-up my Plum account?
How do I top-up my Plum account?
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Tap 'Pockets' on the Plum home page and then tap 'Deposit'. From there you can select one of the listed amounts or enter a custom amount. 

*The minimum you can deposit is £2. The maximum you can deposit at a time (into Pockets or Investments) is £5,000.

To transfer the money into your Plum account we will issue a Direct Debit payment from your linked bank account to Plum which usually takes 4 working days to reach us. During this time, your transfer will be marked as 'pending' and you can find it inside the pocket's page. 

You also have the option to deposit via Faster Payments. This will result in your saving arriving in a few hours 🙌

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