How can I close my account?
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We would hate to see you go! 

Let's make sure you get all your money back first 👍

Please make sure you do the following:

  1. Make sure to pause all the rules in the meantime so no more deposits are made while the pending transactions settle. Just tap on Brain > scroll to Rules > toggle each one OFF separately. Bear in mind this will not affect pending deposits.

  2. Withdraw all your money from the Primary or other pockets! If there are pending deposits, please wait for them to settle so you can get them back too (Note: You will not be able to cancel until your pending deposits have settled) You can see the completion dates on the list of transactions in 'Pockets'.

  3. Withdraw all your investments (if any). Now, this will take a few days because we need to sell your stocks back to the market and it's a process.

Once all your funds have settled you can go ahead and close the account. Just go to Personal details > Close account.

You'll get an email confirmation once your account has been successfully closed.

This procedure cancels any active Direct Debit mandates and deletes your bank login information from Truelayer, our data provider. Once canceled, you won't be able to log in or chat to Plum anymore.

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