Who is Octopus Energy 🐙?

Octopus Energy is an energy and gas provider that sustainable clean energy to people's homes. They describe themselves as attempting "to disrupt the status quo with energy that's good for the planet, good for your wallet, and, honestly, good for your soul."

How much effort is it to switch?

Switching will take you a total of 5 minutes.

Around 4 minutes to answer a few questions Plum has for you about your meter type and payment preferences.

Then, 1 more minute two weeks later when Octopus asks you for a meter reading.

We use the information you’ve already shared with us (such as your address, name and direct debit details) to set up your account with Octopus in the same way you have it now with your energy supplier.

I have questions regarding billing, meters, tariff, etc. with Octopus

While we can help you with the switching process and some basic questions! It is recommended you check out Octopus' help page for the more 'nitty gritty' or contact their support team.

I requested a switch but I now changed my mind. What can I do?

It is OK if you changed your mind!

When you receive the confirmation email from Octopus, you can just tell them you no longer want to switch and they will cancel that for you!

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